Catholic Parish
Assumption of Mary

Parish Church
Mariä Himmelfahrt
( Assumption of Mary )

Güstrower Kirche

18273 Güstrow
23-25 Grüne Strasse
Close to bus & train station;
Parking at Spaldingsplatz

Subsidiary Church
( All Saints )

Krakower Kirche

18292 Krakow am See
Güstrower Chaussee 1
Corner of Güstrower Ch. / Moewenweg
Parking nearby

Mass Times

Sat   only  6pm in Güstrow

Sunday   8am in Krakow
and 10am in Güstrow

Mon and Tues   8:30am,
Thu   9am in Güstrow
Fri   9am in Krakow

Children, teenager,
altar girls and boys,
adults as well as seniors

find ways in our community to
get together in Christian spirit.
Our parish hall offers many
spaces and opportunities
such as the weekly
"Merry Lord God Hour"
( for infants ),
a church choir,
a family group and other
all-ages involving activities.


The church is accessible
for wheelchair and prams.
It also offers a sound system and an
induction loop for hearing aids.

Contact :
Senior Pastor
Tobias Sellenschlo

Tel. 038461 - 2958


Parish / Parish Office
Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri
8 - 12am
Tel. 03843 - 7236-0
Fax. 03843 - 7236-26

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